Sunday 28 August 2011

LeopardTrek deny Radioshack merger rumours


According to various sources on Twitter - including the respected and trusted blogger Inrng - Geox team boss Joxean Fernandez Matxin has revealed a potential merger between LeopardTrek and Radioshack.

There are no further details available yet and it's very much a rumour rather than news, but should it turn out to be true it'll be one of the biggest stories in cycling this year. A merger would result in what to all intents and purposes would be a superteam, combining the talents of Frank and Andy Schleck, Jens Voigt, Jakob Fuglsang, Levi Leipheimer and others from the two very strong teams.

Matxin himself tweets: "A ver q x aqui hay gente muy sabia e informada..!!! Quien me confirma el rumor de la fusion Leoard - Radio Shak..!!!" which translates as: "See q x here, there are people very wise and informed..! Who confirms for me the rumor of a fusion Leopard - Radio Shack!!!"

However, LeopardTrek spokesperson Tim Vanderjeugde has denied that the story has any basis in reality, also scotching rumours that manager Brian Nygaard is leaving the team after failing to find a main sponsor. "Nobody on our team has heard of any merger. Brian Nygaard is still on the payroll here at Leopard Trek and has not taken any decision to leave the team," he told a reporter from the Danish Sporten website. The French l'Equipe newspaper has speculated that money problems would be behind a merger, should the rumours be true. However, Vanderjeude also denies that LeopardTrek are in any sort of financial difficulty - the team's current roster, existing sponsors (including Mercedes Benz) and ongoing relationship with the Wisconsin-based Trek Bicycle Corporation would appear to confirm this as fact.

Whether it proves true or not (and we strongly suspect not), private comments made by both Nygaard and Radioshack's manager Johan Bruyneel following Matxin's decision to reveal the merger would doubtless be interesting to hear.

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  1. "And we strongly suspect not..."

    Well, we certainly got THAT one wrong, didn't we? Must be time to replace the batteries in the crystal ball.