Wednesday 25 July 2012


STOLEN from Cromwell Road, Cambridge 24/25 July 2012

My black Carrera fixed-gear bike. I bought it specifically for my new job as
a schools cycling safety instructor; hence it has V-brakes front and rear - this
is quite distinctive as most fixie bikes have no brakes or a front brake only - and a flip-flop rear hub (ie; one with a fixed cog on one side and a freewheel cog on the other). It
also has very distinctive "LDN BIKE SWARM" stickers on the top tube of the
frame (probably the only ones in Cambridge, though these may have been removed)
and a slightly tatty saddle.

Having been out of work - and now unable to start my new job - I can't afford to pay
a reward to anyone who either finds it or provides information leading to its return;
however, I will most definitely buy you a beer or three and be happy to provide any bike maintenance you may need.


  1. Not as of yet. Received a tip-off last week when someone spotted what they thought might be it - went there, met the rider, but wasn't my bike.

  2. i have just seen the same bike being sold on gumtree for 80 pounds bit iffy foreign looking guy worth a look at

    1. yes i have seen him he goes by the name of francis claims to be from chesterton