Friday 10 February 2012

Superprestige Middelkerke and GP Heuts

Superprestige Middelkerke

Expect to see Belgian Kevin Pauwels ride like his life depends upon it in this one - he's the only man with a chance of taking Superprestige victory from his countryman Sven Nys, but he'll need a perfect ride in order to do so.

11:00 - Newcomers
11:45 - International Elite Women
12:45 - Juniors
14:15 - Under-23
16:00 - Elite Men

Elite Men
Niels Albert 
Sven Nys 
Zdenek Stybar 
Klaas Vantornout
Bart Wellens
Kevin Pauwels
Gerben De Knegt 
Bart Aernouts
Sven Vanthourenhout
Enrico Franzoi 
Dieter Vanthourenhout
Radomir Simunek 
Rob Peeters
Philip Walsleben
Martin Zlamalik  
Thijs Al  
Tom Meeusen
Jonathan Page 
Petr Dlask 
Jan Verstraeten
Eddy Van Yzerdoorn 
Thijs Van Amerongen  
Martin Bina  
Mariusz Gil  
Kenneth Van Compernolle
Jan Denuwelaere
Robert Gavenda  
Bram Smithz  
Tom Van den Bosch
Mitchell Heunders  

Lars Van der Haar  
Joeri Adams
Arnaud Jouffroy 
Jim Aernouts
Vincent Bastaens
Petrus Lubomir 
Corne Van Kessel 
Stef Boden
Micky Van Empel  
Tijmen Eising  
Jiri Polnicky  
Wietse Bosmans 
Gianni Vermeersch 
Marek Konwa 
Twan Van den Brand  
David Van der Poel 
Marcel Meisen  
Gert-Jan Bosman  
Mike Teunissen 
Michiel Van der Heyden 
Emiel Dolfsma  
Emilien Viennet 
Lucas Muller  
Karel Hnik  

Newcomers, Juniors and Elite Women start lists not available (don't even get us started on why the Elite Men details are published and the Elite Women not).

GP Heuts

The race begins with a 205m sprint along the Stadionbaan (50°52'45.20"N 6° 0'8.57"E), a wide and hard-surfaced area which will encourage high speeds as riders jostle to take first place leading into the first lap. It then passes between two "hillocks" (according to the course guide - they look rather like building spoils) for 50m, a section that can become muddy but which may be frozen solid - transforming a sticky patch into one that could shake teeth loose. Next up comes 65m on grass leading to a 90 degree right onto a long hard-surface section of 518m - it's narrow enough to make overtaking difficult and any rider who gained the upper hand in the initial section will have the opportunity to turn it into a potentially race-winning lead here, possibly in the early stages of the race, but the pack will be in hot pursuit.

Helen Wyman - Britain's
greatest hope
Having turned right, 378m on rougher grass takes the riders over some rough ground and more grass, then over ditches and up to a narrow road - further opportunity for the rider who was fastest through the preceding technical section to extend their lead. 117m of tarmac leads back onto grass and a right turn once onto the grass, which will be slippery as early frost/snow begins to melt and then become worse once a few laps have churned things up a bit. 380m leads to the pits, then loops around to double back past some trees before turning through a left-handed loop, over a track and back onto the first field. It heads through a hedge before a wide right-handed loop on grass and back to the hedge, emerging briefly on the other side entering the woods. A track leads to a  ladder with 24 slippery, narrow, splintered wooden steps (if they can, many riders will probably take their chances running or even riding up the slope to the right of the steps - they look treacherous and, as if traction wasn't already an issue, the space between them will be filled with loose nut casings from the overhanging beech tree) and onward to a surfaced lane curving right for 50m.

Having turned right onto a mud track, which once again may be frozen solid, riders continue for 50m and then head left onto the grass to make a second pass of the pits before arriving at another mud track 126m later. Here, they turn left and follow it for 95m, then enter a technical 50m section with tight bends leading back to the start line. At the end of the final lap, they will continue past the start line towards the sports club building to the right of the parcours where the finish line is located (50°52'41.55"N 6° 0'12.70"E). The entire parcours is 2.56km in length.

Among the men, it's hard to see past Kevin Pauwels in this race. K-Pow has earned himself a deserved place among the very highest rank of the Elite Men this season; with Nys, Albert, Stybar and the other top dogs sitting this one out he may prove unchallenged. However, this is a parcours that could prove to be to Ian Field's liking - meaning that there's just an outside chance we could see British winners in both Elite races. Keep your fingers crossed and the Union Jack flying!

Saturday, 11th of February 2012
09.00 - Final phase construction course
12.00 - Free practice
15.00 - End of practice
15.30 - Track inspection

Sunday, 12th of February 2012
09.00 - Free practice
10.00 - Under-23
11.00 - Masters
12.00 - Elite Training
13.45 - Elite Women
14.45 - Honouring World Champions
15.00 - Elite Men
16.00 - Finish

Elite Men
01.Kevin PauwelsBELSunweb Revor
02.Bart AernoutsBELRabobank-Giant Offroad Team
03.Francis MoureyFRAFDJ- Big Mat
04.Lars van der HaarNEDRabobank-Giant Offroad Team
05.Phillip WalslebenGERBKCP - Powerplus
06.Gerben De KnegtNEDRabobank-Giant Offroad Team
07.Jonathan PageUSAPlanet Bike
08.Thijs Van AmerongenNEDAA Drink Cycling Team
09.Mike TeunissenNEDRabobank-Giant Offroad Team
10.Ben BerdenBELOPS ALE-Stoemper
11.Thijs AlNEDAA Drink Cycling Team
12.Marco BiancoITAL´Arcobaleno Carraro Team
13.Ian FieldsGBRCX Great Brittan
14.Tijmen EisingNEDSunweb Revor
15.Twan van den BrandNEDOrange Babies
16.Gert-Jan BosmanNEDRabobank-Giant Offroad Team
17.Micki van EmpelNEDTelenet Fidea Cycling Team
18.Patrick van LeeuwenNEDOrange Babies
19.Eddy van IJzendoornNEDOrange Babies
20.Niels WubbenNEDRabobank-Giant Offroad Team
21.David van der PoelNEDBKCP - Powerplus
22.Corné van KesselNEDTelenet Fidea Cycling Team
23.Emiel DolfsmaNEDRabobank-Giant Offroad Team
24.Dario StäubleSUICX Zwitserland
25.Domas ManikasLTUDPA Cycling Team
26.Talius KalinaLTUDPA Cycling Team
27.Dimitriy SorokinLATDPA Cycling Team
28.Bryan van den HoekNEDMaaslandster
29.Kai SlenterNEDMaaslandster
30.Jordi LuismanNEDCX Nederland
31.Paul SchuurmansNEDCX Nederland
32.Bart BakhuisNEDCX Nederland
Elite Women
01.Daphny van den BrandNEDAA Drink Cycling Team
Sanne Cant
BKCP - Powerplus
Sanne van Paassen
BrainWash Wielerploeg
Nikki Harris
Young Telenet Fidea CT
Helen Wyman
CX Groot Brittannie
Sophie de Boer
Young Telenet Fidea CT
Sabrina Stultiens
BrainWash Wielerploeg
Arenda Grimberg
CX Nederland
Joyce Vanderbeken
Style & Concept CT
Reza Hormes-Ravenstijn
Orange Babies
Nikoline Hansen
CX Denmark
Nancy Bober
Style & Concept CT
Tessa van Nieuwpoort
Stevens Racing Team
Margriet Helena Kloppenburg
CX Denmark
Amy Dombroski
16.Ellen van LoyBELCX Belgie
17.Lelde ArdavaLATDPA Cycling Team
18.Marianne AlleleijnNEDCX Nederland
19.Evy KuijpersNEDCX Nederland
20.Iris OckeloenNEDCX Nederland
21.Yara KastelijnNEDCX Nederland
22.Lotte EikelenboomNEDCX Nederland

01.Edwin ArtsOverloon01/08/88
02.Wouter JaegersTilburg09/09/85
03.Guido DelnoijeMechelen28/08/91
04.Hans JongelingMaarssen03/12/78
05.Jochem KorenBussum02/07/83
06.Peter KraaijvangerUtrecht01/05/80
07.Erik van LaarLoenen (Gld)07/11/79
08.Edward RietbergenMaastricht10/03/71
09.Wesley SteekersNoordwijkerhout20/04/91
10.Mike van VeelenArnhem14/01/80
11.Fred van ZantenArkel07/05/75

01.Maurijn AnninkHengelo (Ov)12/02/70
02.Nils Ten BrinkeApeldoorn07/10/72
03.Udo JanssenPapendrecht24/07/70
04.Ton van KorvenDiessen22/12/64
05.Marti MaasGeffen25/03/66
06.Hans SteekersNoordwijkerhout08/05/50

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