Monday 16 January 2012

Emma Johansson injured in training

Emma Johansson sustained two broken collarbones
(image credit: Eriohm CC BY 3.0)
Emma Johansson, the 28 year old Hitec Products-Mistral Home rider, was involved in a collision with a car on Saturday and left with two broken sollarbones - initial fears that she also sustained a broken arm appear unfounded.

Three team vehicles had been dispatched to bring cyclists back from a training run on Gran Canaria, one of them attempting to overtake others and trapping the rider between itself and another car. This resulted in one car's wing mirror striking the current Swedish champion's elbow and knocking her to the ground. She was taken to hospital where the broken bones were revealed.

The driver of the car has accepted full responsibility, whether he or she will face disciplinary action is not yet known. However, with collarbones taking between a month and a half to two months to heal, the accident means a potentially disastrous big chunk out of Johannson's 2012 training regime. However, she remains optimistic and hopes to return to her normal training regime at the end of February, saying that she intends to begin limited training as soon as possible and to be back to normal in time to win an Olympic medal.

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