Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dope doctor confesses, says L'Equipe

L'Equipe is reporting this afternoon that the BigMat-Auber93 cycling team has announced that their former doctor Philippe Bedoucha, who was arrested and questioned by police on Tuesday, has made a confession in which he claims to have provided the means to dope to several riders during his last three years with the team. Further details of his confession have not been released, but he was indicted for "cession et acquisition de produits dopants" - "selling and purchasing doping products" - and "exercice illégal de la pharmacie" - "acting illegally as a pharmacist."

The newspaper says that the confession came after investigators found orders for doping products and incriminating e-mails at his office in Creteil, Paris, and speculates that he will face charges related to "détention de substances ou procédés interdits aux fins d'usage par un sportif sans justification médicale," possession of prohibited substances or processes for use by an athlete without medical justification,

The team's riders, especially those who were part of the outfit prior to Dr. Bedoucha's departure in 2010, can now expect to face further investigation; as can riders with other teams who may have had any dealings with the doctor, whose business address is registered as a premises on the Rue Cheret occupied by a pharmacy and a phytotherapie (herbalist/alternative medicine surgery).

The charges carry a maximum sentence of seven years in prison in French law. It is reported that cyclo cross rider Geoffrey Clochez (left) and mountain biker Jean-Phillipe Tellier also face indictment.


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