Thursday 29 December 2011

Fidea Cyclo Cross Leuven 30.12.11

This round of the Fidea Cyclo Cross has traditionally been held at Tervuren, but issues at the old site have led to a relocation to Leuven - and it looks like a superb course with a good mix of roads, forest, grassy fields and - by the looks of things - plenty of mud. Those lucky enough to be able to spectate at the event can look forward to a good day out - rain is forecast in the morning and evening, but late morning to late afternoon should be fine with even a possibility of some sunshine.

The 3.01km course begins on the hard surfaced Hertogstraat (50°51'18.81"N 4°42'24.71"E), ensuring a fast start before the riders turn left into the military training ground and complete a short section of the athletics track. They then turn left again and pass the pits, making their way to the edge of the woods and turning right over a road. A 206m track through the trees with some tight corners leads over another road and then back into the woods before a right turn and a 423m forest track looping to the south. Having crossed a road, they turn right and head west through the trees until they reach the same point where they first entered the woods and turn left to head back across the military training ground. Having crossed the athletics track, they head into a short woodland stretch and soon come to a road, following it for 249m. It ends with a tight turn likely to become very slippery if conditions are wet, followed by a 241m technical section through more woodland and a short section through heathland to the first of two fields. They make their way along the northern edge of the first, cross a road and then travel straight across the second before turning left towards a road junction - the finish line will be situated at the southern edge of the second field (50°51'11.90"N  4°42'36.37"E). After turning 180 degrees, they start a 349m stretch on a surfaced road ending at a right turn back into the military training ground to begin the next lap.

It's also worth noting that several of the top-name male riders won't be in attendance, which means that second-class riders who don't usually get much opportunity to take the best places will be battling one another as they attempt to grab a slice of podium glory. Bring it on!

Novices 11:00; Juniors 12:00; Elite Women 13:15; Elite Men 15:00. Spectators permitted onto venue from 08:30 (all times CET, GMT is -1)

Elite Men live stream available from Sports-Livez.


Elite Men
1 Zdenek Stybar
2 Sven Nys
3 Niels Albert
4 Kevin Pauwels
5 Bart Aernouts
6 Bart Wellens
7 Klaas Vantornout
8 Gerben De Knegt
9 Tom Meeusen
10 Dieter Vanthourenhout
11 Radomir Simunek
12 Philipp Walsleben
13 Rob Peeters
14 Vincent Baestaens
15 Enrico Franzoi
16 Thijs Van Amerongen
17 Eddy Van Ijzendoorn
18 Jonathan Page
19 Egoitz Murgoitio Rekalde
20 Sven Vanthourenhout
21 Marco Bianco
22 Wietse Bosmans
23 Joeri Adams
24 Jim Aernouts
25 Thijs Al
26 Brian Matter
27 Robert Gavenda
28 Tom Van den Bosch
29 Mark Lalonde
30 Daniel Ruiz
31 Bart Verschueren
32 Matteo Trentin
33 Arnaud Jouffroy
34 Sean Babcock
35 Ben Berden
36 Steven De Decker
37 Yu Takenouchi
38 Kevin Cant
39 Kenneth Van Compernolle
40 Ryan Iddings
41 Xabier Garcia Irazola
42 Sean De Bie
43 Tim Vannuffel
44 Mitchell Hoke
45 Quentin Bertholet
46 Jempy Drucker
47  Jan Verstraeten
48 Tom Vannoppen
49 Mike Thielemans
50 Jo Pirotte
51 Geert Wellens
52 Patrick Gaudy
53 Sven Van Eyndt
54 Ramon Sinkeldam
55 Bart Barkhuis
56 Loris Tursi
57 David Andrew Quist
58 Bram Schmitz
59 Daan Bongers
Elite Women
1 Marianne Vos
2 Sanne Van Paassen
3 Daphny Van den Brand
4 Helen Wyman
5 Pavla Havlikova
6 Sanne Cant
7 Hanka Kupfernagel
8 Sophie De Boer
9 Linda Van Rijen
10 Nikki Harris
11 Arenda Grimberg
12 Sabrina Stultiens
13 Maureen Bruno Roy
14 Amy Dombroski
15 Ellen Van Loy
16 Reza Hormes Ravenstijn
17 Gabriella Day
18 Nancy Bober
19 Joyce Vanderbeken
20 Martina Zwick
21 Gertie Willems
22 Nicolle De Bie-Leijten
23 Tessa Van Nieuwpoort
24 Christine Vardaros
25 Ayako Toyooka
26 Nathalie Nijns
27 Vicki Thomas
28 Katrien Thijs
29 Lana Verberne
30 Anja Nobus
31 Iris Ockeloen
32 Lisa Bogaert
33 Ilse Vandekinderen
34 Lucy Cash
35 Maaike Lanssens
1 Jens Vandekinderen
2 Twan Brusselmans
3 Toon Aerts
4  Douwe Verberne
5 Michael Dhondt
6 Jeroen Eyskens
7 Lorenzo Pepermans
8 Niels Ooms
9 Arno Brocatus
10 Jellen Schiettecatte
11 Yolan Brems
12 Rob Leemans
13 Niels Verdijck
14 Bavo Haemels
15 Stijn Versteven
16 Jens Schuermans
17 Wout Van Aert
18 Nicholas De Laet
19 Michiel Van Echelpoel
20 Nick Van Huffelen
1 Gianni Van Doninck
2 Kevin Dupont
3 Dieter Jacobs
4 Jelle Schuermans
5 Jochen De Vocht
6 Thijs Aerts
7 Dieter Braet
8 Martijn Budding
9 Jory Degheldere
10 Rob Vanden Haesevelde
11 Laurens De Jonghe
12 Senne De Meyer
13 Fabio Jakobsen
14 Gilles De Jaeger
15 Shana Maes
16 Jens Dierckx
17 Yorick Verberne

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