Tuesday 12 July 2011

Kolobnev positive test: "I do not know where its come from"

Alexandr Kolobnev, who provided a sample to anti-doping control which subsequently tested positive for a banned substance, has released a press statement:

"Yesterday, during the rest day I was reported the laboratories had found a substance, hydrochlorothiazide, which I do not know where its come from. Therefore, waiting for more information, I have nothing to say about it for respect to the race organizers and cycling in general. After police's investigation made after being tested positive, the French police found nothing suspicious so we are waiting for the results and what investigation may say.
Asked by my team about what I wanted to do after this news, I have decided to leave the Tour de France in a voluntary and personal decision waiting for the b-sample in the following days and, again showing my respect to UCI and WADA rules. I must say that I have received all the support from the team from the beginning and I have not been fired, as some media reported yesterday." (Original here)

This clears up conflicting reports, some of which - including ours, earlier - claim that the Russian has been sacked by his team. The actual situation is that he has voluntarily left the Tour prior to an investigation and, should the b-sample also be positive, will be sacked. Unless he is shown to be a cheat, we wish him the best of luck in clearing his name.

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