Thursday 28 July 2011

EPO "causes irreversible changes to the human body"

News just in: 

Scientists working at the world-renowned Cycling Research Anti-doping Project laboratory in South Ballifoald, Ireland, have produced shocking new evidence that EPO use can cause irreversible changes to the human body including dramatic musculoskeletal alteration and excessive hair growth.

The test subjects at the beginning of the study...

Scientists at the laboratory were able to complete the study only when one of them, an amateur cyclist, heard two members of his club discussing the notorious performance-enhancing drug and their plans to start taking it so as to gain an edge in competition. After their anonymity was guaranteed, the two men agreed to permit scientists to monitor their bodies weekly and record any changes they found.
...and following one year of unrestricted EPO use. This terrifying new evidence will be a great worry to any cyclists considering cheating by using the drug to enhance their performance.

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