Monday 4 July 2011

A Day Away

Hello, it's your host John Orbea here.

Although there are three people involved in this blog, it generally falls down to me to produce the posts since I'm the only one free during the week. However, tomorrow I'll be otherwise engaged - this is due to my employer having recently falsely accused me of nicking a thousand quid off them. Unfortunately, since I was in a position where it would have been easy for me to do so, I've been having a bit of a problem convincing the Old Bill that I didn't (let's face it, it's not really worth risking a totally clean criminal record for a grand when it still leaves you a long way short of a Venge, is it?) and so I'll be spending the day being questioned under arrest. Yes, that sucks every bit as much as you might imagine.

That means there won't be any Tour or Giro Donne previews tomorrow and I'm not going to have chance to do a Giro debrief this evening, but I hope to be back and blogging on Wednesday morning (I might even manage a quick debrief tomorrow night, but chances are I'll be heading straight to the pub just as soon as they let me out of the cop shop).

Enjoy the racing, folks. See you soon!

John Orbea.


  1. Bloody hell! Good luck, hope it's just a routine "in and out" - and that your work apologise, big time


  2. Looks like it won't be, unfortunately. Basically, this is my second visit after spending around six hours locked in a cell and being "interviewed" (more a case of sitting down and being repeatedly accused, really) for a couple of hours - they can't prove I did it but how can I prove a negative and show I didn't? Hence, it's their word against mine. However, when I've cleared my name - and I will - I plan on getting a big apology as well as compensation for loss of earnings, wrongful dismissal (they sacked me before the investigation) and emotional distress. :-)