Wednesday 29 June 2011

TeJay's troubles trekking to the tour

The Highroad rider might
end up walking to Vend
TeJay Van Garderen is having problems before the Tour de France even begins, using his Twitter account to keep fans posted on his progress as he makes his way - or attempts to make his way - to the race which begins this Saturday.

"Don't mean to be a snobby American, but its as if all european airports make a special effort to be as inefficient as possible" he said at around 09.45 (BST) this morning. Then, shortly afterwards, he decided that perhaps he was just in a cranky nood due to having had to get out of bed at 05.30. However, it's now looking as though whichever deity is in charge of European air transport and cycling requires appeasement - at 10.37 he reported his flight has been cancelled.

Good luck, TeJay!

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