Thursday 16 June 2011

Riding in crowds

We took a stroll down to the Town and Country Show on Parker's Piece yesterday - good day out, incidentally: it's not everyday you get to stroke an albino skunk, and Tunnel Brewery's Czech-style lager is quite simply astounding (more flavour than most real ales, more like a porter or stout than any lager I've tried before), and a couple of stalls of interest to the cyclist including one operated by the Cyclist's Touring Club and another featuring a range of intriguing folding bikes.

Interesting tricycle, featuring bicycle-derived technology such as a beefed-up version of typical bicycle steering with worm screw and steering wheel added.
Whilst there, we noticed people riding bikes along the paths that cross the Piece, both the Parkside to Gonville Place and Mill Road to University Arms ones. Really not a good idea when the place is packed and there's excited children more intent on smearing their ice creams all over their faces than looking where they're going. You see the same sort of thing happening at the Midsummer Fair each year and used to at Strawberry Fair, though the fence this year prevented it.

Cannondale's inspiration for the Leftie...?
Really not a good idea, people - we don't want to come over all Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells here, but not only is there the risk of riding into someone, it also helps to strengthen the anti-cycling feeling that emerges from various people who write to the Cambridge News' letter page whenever the issue of our beloved city's so-called anti-social cyclists comes up. It'll only take a few minutes more to push your bike across the Piece, which is much less time than it'll take if you ride into someone and get arrested. Better still, go round the Piece sticking to the road. It'll only take a few seconds longer than usual that way.

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