Friday 24 June 2011

Another insanely expensive bike which probably isn't all that good

As part of our regular look at ridiculously expensive bikes designed for rich twats, we thought we'd have a quick look today at what was originally a Charge Plug fixie retailing at around six hundred British quid. However, this is no ordinary Plug -  it's been done up a bit by the Environmental Transport Agency to draw attention to their "green" insurance and breakdown recovery service with one being given away as a prize and the rest sold. They've given it a pair of aerodynamic wheels, custom saddle, chain and handlebars and then, for good measure, the frame was plated with 24 carat gold. Retail? A mere £9500, or 10,691 euros (which is $15,204). Somewhat ironically, this means that the ETA can't insure it - their policies only cover bikes up to £4000.

£9500 is a long way short of that Aurumania thing we showed you the other day and considerably cheaper than the Chanel bike we covered last week, but this one is available with the ultimate in flashy optional extras...

...a private security guard!

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