Saturday 18 June 2011

Early breakaway in the Tour de Suisse

Dammit, wish I could predict stage winners as accurately as I predicted the first breakaway. I said earlier that we might see a breakaway in the early parts of today's Stage 8 of the Tour de Suisse in the flat section before Romanshorn - and you can bugger me with an angry tomcat if that isn't exactly what happened when Marycz, Paolini, Barta and Ventoso decided they'd all had more than enough of plodding along in the rain and that they'd try to up the pace a bit. The four of them shot off in front and are now doing the business some 6'23" ahead of the peloton. It can't last, however - the gap's gradually being reduced as the main group reel them back in.

Now, if I can just apply the same prediction skill to stage and race winners and set up a few spread bets, I ought to be watching the Tour from my personal helicopter before dining on pate de dinosaur and gold at my Alpine mansion. Wonder of Kate Winslet would like to join me...?

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