Friday 24 June 2011

The Cycle Caravan

First, I was all like OMG WTF?

But then I was all like, lol, that's sweet.

Then I realised I really do need to stop spending so much time on the Internet, it's making me talk like a moron. However, had it not have been for the Internet I'd never have come across the caravan designed to be towed by a bicycle, that being the very thing that elicited those meme-derived responses from me.

Image from ETA
When first setting eyes upon it, I did think it was perhaps the most stupid thing I'd ever seen - and let's face it, it's a caravan towed by a bike. That does seem quite stupid. Then I saw the pictures of the interior...

Image from ETA
...and it occurred to me that it looks quite nice inside, really. Cosy. The duvet cover would have to go, but that television's better than the one on my living room. It's considerably bigger - and a hell of a lot cleaner - than the flat I lived when I was at university, too. In fact, I reckon I could happily live in there.

Think of it: you, your bike and all the shelter you need. Rig up some sort of battery system and you could power a little electric heater off the day's efforts in the saddle. No bills, no mortgage, no council tax, just you and your bike. Every day you could ride off somewhere new - it'd be great.

Just suggested buying a couple, one for me and one for the missus (which we'd modify with some sort of hatch system for a double bed, obviously; ideally one that can be closed again to block out her snoring). She points out the lack of a shower or other washing facilities.

Women, eh? Obviously had their sense of adventure replaced with a better sense of smell.

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  1. Cool! Just what I have always wanted!
    How much is it?