Tuesday 28 June 2011

Bike Porn - 26" GT Performer

Behold. The new-for-2012 GT Performer 26".
Wonder why they called it a Performer? It looks a lot more like a scaled-up Vertigo if you ask me.
Yes, it's retro-styled cruiser BMX/single-speed MTB type of thing, and isn't it pretty? With traditional cro-mo fork and high-tensile steel frame tubes, this is a bike intended to transport the owner back to 1986 and, with all that weight to lug around, get you fit in the process even if you only ride it as far as the pub and back like most riders will.

One thing though: a plain seat pillar with separate clamp? Come on! Nostalgia is all very well and this bike's a toy, but some things are best left in the past where they belong.

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