Monday 21 May 2012

Addison Lee

Kaya Burgess of The Times reports that there has been a "very interesting development" in the ongoing saga of Addison Lee and London bus lanes. Those who followed the story after company boss John Griffin got himself in trouble for saying that cyclists killed or injured on the capital's roads may recall that he had also caused problems for himself by encouraging his minicab drivers to use the lanes - which are reserved for buses, taxis, motorbikes and bicycles - and telling them that the company would pay any fines they incurred for doing so. This, combined with his comments on cyclists (which he later claimed were an attempt to open a debate and help save cyclists' lives), resulted in the loss of several corporate accounts and widespread condemnation from both the government and the public.

So what could this new development be? Burgess says that he will reveal further details when he is able. Could it be a large fine? Might Addison Lee be about to lose its private hire licence, preventing the company from operating as a cab firm? Keep an eye on The Times to find out.

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