Sunday 5 February 2012

Tour of Qatar - DON'T watch it free online

Want to watch the desert action but living in a country where it's not shown? Reluctant to pay for the cable sports channels because you only like cycling and they fill up 99% of the airtime with - er - whatever those others sports are called? Or maybe you're at work and your idiot bosses don't allow you to take a portable TV with you?

If so, you might be tempted to have a look online for a free stream. However, watching free online livestream channels such as this one, for which you're really supposed to pay, is illegal. So don't watch it. No - we really mean it: don't. It's very naughty.

Make sure you read this smallprint, too. Cyclopunk provides the above livestream link for educational purposes only and as an example in order to illustrate the article. This blog is not responsible for anything readers choose to do of their own free will and strongly encourages all readers not to do anything that could get them into trouble with their mums.

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