Saturday 4 February 2012

GVA-Trofee Lille 04.02.12

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The World Cup is done and dusted, the bikes cleaned up and kits laundered after last weekend's  Koksijde World Championships; but the GVA Trofee still has two rounds to go and the penultimate race, the famous Krawatencross, takes place on Saturday the 4th of February near the Belgian city of Lille and not far from Turnhout and Antwerp - with excellent road links to the several towns and cities in the area, a good attendance is guaranteed.

Krawatencross is one of the most popular among spectators as the majority of the 2.8km route can be seen clearly, with several points along the length offering a good view of two or more sections. The unusual parcours consists of a little bit of everything, with sections on sand, grass, tarmac, woodland and loose pebbles along a roughly G-shaped track around a lake just to the north-west of the E34 motorway (51°17'3.17"N 4°50'39.50"E). Riders need to be able to perform well on the several very different types of terrain to be in with any real chance of a podium place; and just for good measure it looks as though they're going to have to contend with snow as well this year. In other words, it's a race that favours the very best of the all-rounders.

Elite Men at Krawatencross 2011
(image credit: Ronnes CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The race begins with a 230m sprint down a forest road that intially dips, then rises a couple of metres before a slight dip and rise towards the end (51°17'3.44"N 4°50'27.18"E), then turns right onto grass and heads back the way it came. A few metres beyond the start line, the riders turn left and onto sand; immediately entering a tight S-bend which, on sand, will require first-rate bike handling skills. Once through it, they remain on sand as they follow the banks of the lake for 200m on their way into the first woodland section.

A wide loop curves to the left through the trees, then emerges for 50m stretch across more sand before heading once more into the woods and following a curved track leading to a bridge. Having crossed it, the race arrives at a road and passes straight over. A sharp left into a second tight loop on sand - another tough test of handling skills. Afterwards, a 220m sand section leads past the pits and via a right/left combination and into a grass section of similar length. This is followed by 280m in woodland and up the steepest climb of the race - immediately after turning right, the riders begin an 8m ascent in around 55m; with a maximum gradient of 9.4%. The rest of the section takes the riders to the pebbles (51°17'0.06"N 4°50'45.98"E) - a difficult surface which, at 270m, will be one of the most challenging parts of the parcours.

A right turn leads back onto the sand and through a tight Z-bend around the pits, then back over the same road as earlier and across a second bridge. A long woodland section, technical in part with some tight loops, then leads for 549m back to the start line and back along the first track. The finish line will be located just before the first right turn onto grass.

Altimetry (click for enlargement)

Results (more to come)

Elite Women

  1 Marianne Vos Rabobank Ladies Team
  2 Daphny Van Den Brand WV Schijndel
  3 Sanne Cant Boxx VeldritAcademie
  4 Sanne Van Paassen Brainwash 
  5 Nikki Harris 
  6 Arenda Grimberg 
  7 Helen Wyman 
  8 Pavla Havlikova 
  9 Sabrina Stultiens Brainwash 
  10 Sophie De Boer WV Schijndel 
  11 Joyce Vanderbeken 
  12 Reza Hormes Ravenstijn 
  13 Nicolle De Bie Leyten 
  14 Nancy Bober 
  15 Nikoline Hansen 
  16 Gabriella Day 
  17 Lana Verberne 
  18 Karen Verhestraeten Sengers Ladies Cycling Team 
  19 Amy Dombroski Crank Brothers 
  20 Iris Ockeloen 
  21 Christine Vardaros Baboco - Revor Cycling Team 
  22 Anja Geldhof 
  23 Katrien Thijs 
  24 Kim Van De Steene 
  25 Nathalie Nijns Lotto Belisol Ladies 
  26 Caren Commissaris 
  27 Shana Maes 
  28 Janice Geyskens 
  29 Caitlyn La Haye 

Elite Men

1 Tom Meeusen Telenet Fidea Cycling Team
2 Zdenek Stybar Omega Pharma Quickstep
3 Kevin Pauwels Sunweb Revor Cycling Team
4 Sven Nys Landbouwkrediet
5 Niels Albert BKCP-Powerplus
6 Radomir Simunek BKCP-Powerplus
7 Marcel Meisen BKCP-Powerplus
8 Sven Vanthourenhout Landbouwkrediet
9 Vincent Baestaens Landbouwkrediet
10 Francis Mourey Francaise des Jeux
11 Klaas Vantornout Sunweb Revor Cycling Team
12 Dieter Vanthourenhout BKCP-Powerplus
13 Jim Aernouts Sunweb Revor Cycling Team
14 Thijs Al AA Drink / Pro
15 January Denuwelaere Style & Concept Cycling Team
16 Twan Van Den Brand Orange Babies Cycling Team
17 Thijs Van Amerongen AA Drink / Pro
18 Joeri Adams Telenet Fidea Cycling Team
19 Gerben De Knegt Rabo - Giant Offroad Team.
20 Kevin Cant Van Goethem - Prorace - cycling team
21 Bart Aernouts Rabo - Giant Offroad Team.
22 Rob Peeters Telenet Fidea Cycling Team
23 Tom Van Den Bosch AA Drink / Pro
24 Patrick Gaudy The Barracuda Company
25 Patrick Van Leeuwen Orange Babies Cycling Team
26 Stijn Huys Orange Babies Cycling Team
27 Ryan Trebon
28 Steven De Decker Van Goethem - Prorace - cycling team
29 Bart Verschueren Landbouwkrediet-KDL
30 Bart Hofman Department of East Flanders WBV - VZW
31 Mariusz Gil Baboco - Revor Cycling Team
32 Denolf Gianni Baboco - Revor Cycling Team
33 Jens Gys Bianchi New Hope Regulators ASBL
34 Jonathan Page Planet Bike
35 Kenneth Van Compernolle Style & Concept Cycling Team
36 Ben Berden OPS ALE - Stoemper
37 Kristof Cop Cycling Team Kessel
38 Dave The Cleyn Scott USA Cycling Team
39 Eddy Van IJzendoorn Orange Babies Cycling Team
40 Tim Van Nuffel DCM-GB Cycling Team Vorselaar Vzw
41 Craig Richey
42 Sten Raeymakers Cyclocross Team Freddy Sports Dilbeek
43 Marco Bianco L'Arcobaleno Carraro Team
44 Lewis Rattray
45 Lorenz Couckuyt WC Mill sprinters Meulebeke


  1 Wietse Bosmans BKCP-Powerplus  
  2 Lars Van Der Haar Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team  
  3 Micki Van Empel Telenet-Fidea Cycling Team  
  4 Gianni Vermeersch BKCP-Powerplus  
  5 Arnaud Jouffroy Telenet-Fidea Cycling Team  
  6 Michael Vanthourenhout BKCP-Powerplus  
  7 Tijmen Eising Sunweb - Revor  
  8 Sven Beelen Sunweb - Revor  
  9 Laurens Sweeck  
  10 David Van Der Poel BKCP-Powerplus  
  11 Jens Adams BKCP-Powerplus  
  12 Vinnie Braet Sunweb - Revor  
  13 Gert-jan Bosman Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team  
  14 Daniel Peeters Telenet-Fidea Cycling Team  
  15 Karel Hnik Sunweb - Revor  
  16 Ingmar Uytdewilligen  
  17 Kenneth Hansen  
  18 Toon Aerts  
  19 Arnaud Grand Telenet-Fidea Cycling Team  
  20 Floris De Tier Baboco - Revor Cycling Team  
  21 Mathieu Willemyns  
  22 Jens Vandekinderen Telenet-Fidea Cycling Team  
  23 Niels Koyen  
  24 Raf Risbourg  
  25 Maxim Panis  
  26 Joeri Hofman  
  27 Niels Ooms  
  28 Stijn Gielen  
  29 Ritchie Denolf Baboco - Revor Cycling Team  
  30 Luke Gray  
  31 Sibe Smets  
  32 Bart Barkhuis  
  33 Pieter Dewitte  
  34 Jeffrey Mellemans  
  35 Joni Geeraerts  
  36 Mathias Van Der Sanden  
  37 Rutger La Haye  
  38  Jellen Schiettecatte  
  39 Ilja Peijffers  
  40 Germer Cardon  
  41 Joachim Janssens 


  1 Yorbin Van Tichelt 
  2 Mathieu Van Der Poel Boxx VeldritAcademie  
  3 Wout Van Aert Young Telenet-fidea 
  4 Daan Soete Young Telenet-fidea 
  5 Quinten Hermans Young Telenet-fidea 
  6 Matthias Van De Velde Boxx VeldritAcademie 
  7 Nicolas Cleppe Young Telenet-fidea  
  8 Daan Hoeyberghs Boxx VeldritAcademie  
  9 Martijn Budding Boxx VeldritAcademie 
  10 Pjotr Van Beek  
  11 Bryan Van Rooyen  
  12 Tim Ariesen  
  13 Seppe Gorrens  
  14 Jelto Veroft  
  15 Stig Callay  
  16 Timothy Vanderaerden  
  17 Koen Van De Ven  
  18 Robbie Van Bakel WV Schijndel  
  19 Jens Couckuyt  
  20 Mats Lammertink AWV De Zwaluwen  
  21 Arne Poelvoorde  
  22 Jens Dierckx  
  23 Joran Mertens  
  24 Jonas Degroote  
  25 Kevin Ysenbaardt  
  26 Dieter Jacobs  
  27 Stef Claeys  
  28 Gianni Quintelier Team Catabikes- Deratec- Willems.Co  
  29 Kenneth Van Dessel  
  30 Bryan Vispoel  
  31 Jeffrey Jansegers  
  32 Bjorn Van Der Heijden  
  33 Brent Van Den Bosch  
  34 Arno Verberckmoes  
  35 Jasper Aernouts  
  36 Sören De Clercq  
  37 Jory Degheldere  
  38 Yelle Leaerts  
  39 Lars Van Giels  
  40 Félix Pouilly  
  41 Gilles De Jaeger  
  42 Bjorn De Pot  


  1 Gianni Van Donink 
  2 Yannick Peeters 
  3 Thijs Aerts 
  4 Jens Teirlinck 
  5 Stijn Caluwe 
  6 Vincent Peeters 
  7 Thomas Joseph 
  8 Elias Van Hecke 
  9 Maik Van Der Heijden 
  10 Jorn Verbraken 
  11 Dario Kloeck 
  12 Thomas Van De Velde Vl Technics Abutriek
  13 Robbe Commisaris 
  14 Lennert Van Hasselt 
  15 Robbert Brughmans 
  16 Sybren Jacobs 
  17 Tim Janssen 
  18 Wesley Floren 
  19 Cedric Beullens 
  20 Dieter Jans 
  21 Dylan Bouwmans 
  22 Jef Van Belle 
  23 Andries Baert 
  24 Timon Ruegg 
  25 Senne De Meyer 
  26 Briek Hermans 
  27 Timo Verberckmoes 
  28 Nick Van De Kerckhove 
  29 Kevin Van Bennekom 
  30 Thomas Verheyen 
  31 Yara Kastelijn 
  32 Laurens Boden 
  33 Jonas Verstraete 
  34 Dieter Braet 
  35 Olaf Remmerswaal  
  36 Dorian De Maeght  
  37 Wout Alleman 
  38 Niel Custers 
  39 Mathias Vertessen  
  40 Sven Driesen 
  41 Samuel Debeer 
  42 Jasper Knaeps 
  43 Bjarne Bertels 
  44 Yenthe Boons 
  45 Stijn Siemons 

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