Thursday, 17 November 2011

He's not a GC contender, he's a very naughty boy!

Is Andy Schleck turning into a badass hooligan with the kind of attitude his dad Johny always thought he'd need if he was ever going to win a Tour de France?

It's possible - it turns out that he's not only quick when riding his bike up a mountain, he's also a mean boy racer: he was clocked doing 101kph (nearly 63mph) recently in his home nation Luxembourg, and since the speed limit on the open road is 90kph that's very naughty. As a result Andy, who has had us all convinced that he's one of the nicest boys in cycling for the last few years, is being fined 350 euros and may have his driving licence suspended for a month.

The yobbo!

Meanwhile, local resident Lottie Faber says this isn't the first time the crazed tearaway cyclist has got himself in trouble.

"Not two weeks ago he was parked outside McDonalds with his mates," she told us after we'd promised there was a bottle of whisky for her if she talked to us. "They were blaring out Perry Como and talking about ponies and butterflies. I ignored it that time, but they kept it up until nearly 19:30 in the evening. Next day they were back again, so this time when it got round to 18:00 I rang his mum. I don't know what she said to him, but he hasn't been back since."

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