Thursday 30 June 2011

Sven S. worked for BMC on many occasions

As revealed by The Inner Ring.

So, Jim Oshowicz, here's a question (and it hurts to ask it, because I've been a big fan of yours for a long time): do you not know who is being hired to look after your valuable team members, or are you a liar?

We'll look forward to reading the press release, Jim.
Edit: Oshowicz now claims to have misunderstood the question put to him by a reporter earlier. "I was...I thought the reporter was talking about the incident that happened with the Lotto rider [he's referring, presumably, to Wim Vansevenant], who I don't know. It wasn't until later in the conversation that I realised he was talking about Sven, but yes - I do know Sven. I know Sven," he has subsequently said.

We're still looking forward to reading the press release and wonder if it'll be any more convincing.

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