Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Cyclist cut up by police officer

Paul Brown was knocked off his bike by a car two months ago. His helmet was smashed and he suffered some minor injuries - so, perhaps inspired by the various "look what we put up" videos on YouTube these days, he bought himself a miniature camera and fitted it to handlebars of his bike. Not such a bad idea really, doing so could prove invaluable if an insurance firm wants to be difficult (and they always want to be difficult).

That's how he managed to get footage of the latest incident to have involved him. As he approached a junction in his home town Hull, he was aware that a car was coming up behind him. It then overtook and pulled into the junction, cutting him up and forcing him to slam the brakes on. Boy racers? A old dear? Nope - a police car.

This still, taken from Mr. Brown's footage, shows the police car as it recklessly turned just in front of him. He was able to brake just in time and save himself from being injured.
"I couldn't believe it," says the 42-year-old father of two. "No one expects to be cut up by a police car. It was only luck that I was not hit. The car just sped off as though nothing had happened."

Humberside Police say that as they have not yet received a formal complaint nor had a copy of the video made available to them, they are unable to comment. However, Mr. Brown does plan on making such a complaint and we wish him all the best with that because our experience of the police is that they will simply close ranks, probably claim it's impossible to prove which officer was driving the car at the time and do anything else they can to prevent him getting anywhere with the complaint.

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