Thursday 30 June 2011

Fuglsang's concern

Jakob Fuglsang, who recently came 4th in the Tour de Suisse, is worried about the upcoming Tour de France. Is he fit enough? Are his team up to the job? Is his bike good enough?

Nope, none of that's bothering him - and nor should it: he's looking to be on top form of late, as are his team which includes second favourite Andy Schleck, and as part of LeopardTrek he has one of the gorgeous new Trek Madones for which Schleck thanked the manufacturer on Twitter earlier, saying "Thanks to Trek for making us these awesome bikes, I love them!"

It's his race number that is cause for concern, because it turns out the 26-year-old Dane is a bit on the superstitious side: "Saw a start list today. Looks like I'll have #13 on my back for 3 weeks. Should one number go up-side down? Crashed last time I had that no." he said.

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