Thursday, 23 June 2011

New code aims to cut cycling fatalities

The Freight Transport Association, which represents the interests of freight and trucking companies including some of the largest in the world, has joined forces with the London Cycle Campaign and other groups to produce a new Cycling Code which they hope will help to cut the large number of cyclists who die or are injured as a result of accidents involving trucks each year. Aimed at truck drivers, truck companies, local authorities and cyclists themselves, the code includes a number of tips which should be read by all groups - the tips for truckers will be of use to cyclists in helping them to understand and anticipate truck manoeuvres and vice versa. It also advises the provision of devices such as "Trixi" mirrors which can be attached to traffic lights and other street furniture and which allow truck drivers to see any cyclists who may be in blind spots and calls for freight operators to sponsor such items.

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