Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cambridge Guided Busway cyclepath to be 100% tarmac

Cambridgeshire County Council has announced that it has successfully secured £150,000 from Sustrans which will be used to tarmac the Guided Busway cyclepath between Swavesey and St. Ives, a section of about 5.5km, which was going to be left with a much rougher crushed limestone surface due to lack of funding. This means, according to the estimates of one Cambridgeshire cyclist, that it will be possible to travel from St. Ives to the city's Milton Road in around 30 minutes which will hopefully encourage a few more people to use their bikes and leave their cars at home.

The cyclepath has been a long time coming, but determined cyclists have put  bus tracks to good use in the meantime.
The Busway itself is supposedly going to open on August the 7th, but the date has been set back so many times that few residents expect it to actually happen. Meanwhile, the cyclepath is almost completed already with the majority open to the public.

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