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"Love your ¨born on this day¨ features. Thank-you."

(Randell Carr @northernsooner)

"...the most detailed article I've read on Contador's case..."


"Thanks for the very kind mention @JohnCyclopunk appreciate that you appreciate the reports… #MuchosAppreciation"

(Six-time British CX Champion Helen Wyman - another of our all-time favourite riders)

"Thank you @festinagirl for introducing me to @JohnCyclopunk. Now I see what I've been missing, too."


"@JohnCyclopunk your blog looks so cool."

(Ali Çolak)

"Hi. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that you have a great site! Keep up the good work."

(Football Betting)

"Thanks for the write-up! I really appreciate it."

(Dena Eaton)

"Thanks for this article @JohnCyclopunk! #biography RT The latest in an occasional series: What's With...Marianne Vos?"

(@marianne_vos - yes, that's Marianne Vos as in MARIANNE VOS, Cyclopunk's favourite cyclist of all time, no less! - via Twitter)

"Punki beschreibt die Etappen bis ins Detail. So wie er das Finale beschreibt ist es praktisch flach. Und das Ventil denkt Punki ist ein Kenner."

(trans: "Punki [that's us, apparently, since s/he linked it to us] describes the stages in detail. The way he describes the final, it is virtually flat. And The Valve thinks Punkie is a connoisseur." The Valve, via

just read your report on the women's RR. Completely agree with you on the commentator remark. Well said

(@s2_art, 27th September 2011)

Just reading your blog, so funny:)

(@WheelerWatchers, 18th September 2011)

This is a great run-down of the route, many thanks for this.

(Bristol Hotel, 16th September 2011)

Your stage guides are terrific!

(15th September 2011, Twitter)

Love the description of the route. 

(Dartmoor National Park Authority via Twitter, commenting on our Tour of Britain Stage 5 Guide, 15th of September 2011)
What a fabulous piece of work, huge amount of research, excellent piccies and very well written Well done! I now know why Beeswing was so called!
(Alison Brown, commenting on our Tour of Britain Stage 1 Guide - many thanks, Alison!) 
Cyclopunk is great blog John. Actually the amount of detail is overwhelming but I feel like I learned a lot reading your stage 8 preview.
(Comment at Podium Cafe
I work as a sports commentator at Eurosport Turkey and will cover this years Vuelta. So your posts have been quite helpful about the route and sightseeing.
(14th August, via e-mail) 
hello john
Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your previews and articles. your doing a bloody good job mate.
(14th August 2011, via e-mail)

Just to alert you to @JohnCyclopunk's blogs, partly about cycling, but lots more: very knowledgeable about slow France.
(22nd July 2011, Twitter) 

Without doubt the most thorough Tour de France Stage 17 Preview. 
(20th July 2011, Twitter) 

You know your cycling, and your pages on France are excellent (I'm ½ French, worked as a French interpreter for 20+years) and you don't just throw photos online (w/o text, photos are near worthless) but give us good explanatory text. In sum I'm truly surprised you don't have 1000 followers easily.
(19th July 2011, Twitter - three messages!) 

I'll retweet @JohnCyclopunk a lot, since (incomprehensibly!!) he has only 70 followers. He's very savvy about #cycling.
(19th July 2011, Twitter) 

@JohnCyclopunk providing interesting tour trivia today. check him out.
(16th July 2011, Twitter) 

 Hi there! I love your blog! I'm just a happy women's cycling fangirl!
(12th July 2011)